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[pre-order] Metta Harsh Noise Garden

$420.00 AUD

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The Metta New Age Noise Garden is an all-in-one device for foley, sound art, experimental noise-making and more

Including a hand-wired Fuzz & Feedback circuit, as well as a lo-fidelity digital delay built from a chipset designed for karaoke machines resulting in crunched repeats, oscillations, and wonderfully bizarre audible artifacts.

This device includes a multitude of different individual noise sources for a wide variety of textures and percussion, an eight-key mini metta kalimba, three standing springs, three mounted springs and a hard-knock lock for endless noise and sound experimenting.

Powdercoated black die-cast aluminum enclosure featuring hand inlaid text and graphic art work.

This device uses a standard boss style 9V DC center-negative power supply.

Designed and built by hand in Brisbane, Australia.