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Metta Mixer allows the user to mix three separate mono audio signals via 1/4" inputs into a single 1/4" output.

Mix 3 separate guitars, microphones, synths or other devices via a standard 1/4" guitar cable to an amplifier, audio interface, effect chain or recording device.

Individual input volume control allows the user to blend the three signals to their liking as well as a master volume control for the overall level.

Mini toggle switches turn the signal of each channel on or off.

As well as being a 3 Input to 1 output mixer, it can also be used in reverse to send one audio signal to three separate amplifiers.

This is a passive device that requires no batteries or electricity to work. This device does not raise the volume of the total signal (gain) but rather passively sums all together below unity gain.

Some may prefer to use a boost or buffered pedal after the device when amplifying, it is best to experiment to find what works best for you.

Rugged powder coated aluminium enclosure with hand inlaid graphic.

Enclosure dimensions: 122mm x 66mm x 39.5mm

Designed and built by hand in Brisbane, Australia.