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METTA MIC DELUXE / Handheld Lo-Fi Vocal Mic Mute & Stutter Control

$190.00 AUD

The Metta Mic is a lo-fi vocal microphone designed for up close and personal singing, shouting, screeching, squawking and more. This deluxe version includes a hand wired mute & stutter circuit opening up an entire world of glitchy, stuttery, noisy goodness!

Inspired by the raw sounds of the garage punk greats that traditionally used low fidelity cassette recorder mics and modified telephones that are prone to breaking. The Metta Mic is designed to withstand rigorous use on the road and in the studio.

Featuring a specialised extra heavy-duty telephone element hand wired to a 1/4" mono output jack. This is a passive device that requires no batteries or electricity to

Demonstrated with reverb & delay effects:

Hear the Metta Lofi Mic on recording here:

STALKING by Silk Robe

Standard microphone low-impedance output designed to run through an amplifier or preamp pedal to boost the signal to taste. Please note this is a lo-fidelity device, at times when pressing the momentary switch some lo-fi clicks and pops can be heard.

Metta makes a passive impedance transformer (Metta Transformer) and also a powered clean volume boost (Metta Energy Boost) that suit microphones excellently.

Rugged powder coated aluminium enclosure with hand inlaid graphic.

Designed and built by hand in Brisbane, Australia.